In Season

During these times, we have decided to expand beyond farm to market and to offer customized boxes based on what is in season.

Customized Boxes starting at $20. You tell us the amount you want to spend and we’ll put together a box of locally grown, wholesome, nutritious food picked at the peak of ripeness…just for you.

Lyle’s pick of greens, root vegetables, herbs, etc. Current offerings will vary depending on season and demand.

Text Lyle at (352) 256-2034 to customize order and arrange pick up. Due to accessibility issues, text is preferred over all other forms of communication.

Pick up at Farmer’s Market or at Weaver’s Whimsy Farm in Citra.


I started Weaver’s Whimsy Farm because I wanted to see a wider selection of quality produce at fair prices.

Lyle Weaver, owner of Weaver's Whimsy Kneeling in Field.
Lyle Weaver, owner of Weaver’s Whimsy Kneeling in Field.

We established our farm in 2012 in Citra, Florida with a crop of Olives and Pomegranates.  While our trees mature to production, we are proud to offer standard and unusual seasonal fruits and vegetables carefully selected for flavor and beauty. We offer that produce direct to the public through Farmers Markets, but we also use that wide selection of fruits and vegetables to make deliciously prepared foods for you.

We want to broaden the sphere of fresh food available to Gainesville and the surrounding communities.




Our Mission

We do things right.  We grow wholesome, nutritious food without chemicals and we pick it at the peak of ripeness.  This means that you get delicious food that is grown locally and available at a fair price.