We keep harvesting all summer

We grow lettuce under aluminum shade cloth to keep it cool enough to grow through a Florida summer.

While many vegetable farmers in Florida take the summer off, we keep growing and harvesting vegetables all summer here at Weaver’s Whimsy farm.

Some vegetables like eggplant handle heat well, especially Asian varieties that are more tropically adapted.

Asian varieties of eggplant grow all summer for us.

It’s hard work for us, planting, tending and harvesting through the steamy heat of a Florida summer, but we’re happy to keep our customers supplied with locally grown vegetables all year. Come visit our booth at the Gainesville downtown farmers market, Wednesday’s from 4PM to 7PM.

If you want fresh, locally grown salad greens, we can help you out. We have Gourmet Lettuce Mix of selected lettuces, and Summer Salad Mix, which has lettuces, arugula, and several Asian greens.

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